Get to know us.

Meet our passionate team, one at a time.

Rus Hughes

Rus Hughes is the Co-Founder and President of Blue Odin. Prior to founding Blue Odin, Rus was the CTO for several SaaS startups, one of which was eventually acquired. Rus enjoys nutrition, mindfulness, exercise and self learning.

Antoni Watts

Antoni is the CEO at Blue Odin, while also supporting the Product Roadmap & Marketing. Antoni has launched several software and ecommerce businesses. Antoni enjoys reading & walks.

David Pashley

David is the Chief Technology Officer at Blue Odin. With over 20 years of experience, he leads the team at Blue Odin on delivering cutting edge features. He enjoys rock climbs, runs and the cinema.

Lola Culibrk

Lola is the Chief Marketing Officer at Blue Odin, responsible for all marketing activities and communications. Specializing in content marketing, SEO, social media, and brand management.

Ibrahim Tuzlak

Ibrahim helps support the development of major features for the Blue Odin Platform & fine tuning the user experience. Ibrahim enjoys hiking & the great outdoors.

Marko Nikolic

Marko is pro at WordPress & WooCommerce & helps guide new functionality across the product to to provide the best experience for our clients. When not at work, he likes to sleep late and walk his dog every night.

Daria Sukhanova

As Chief Design Officer, Daria’s creative talents bring the Blue Odin brand and interface to life. She believes design is a visual way of communication between brands & clients.


Daniya is a social media and community manager at Blue Odin. She’s a postgraduate in BBA Marketing and Management and taking an MBA in Digital Marketing in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Her hobbies are CrossFit, traveling, and learning new languages.


Tim is a strong advocate of multi-channel marketing automation and delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. Certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant with over 20 years’ experience in Email Marketing and CRM.


Laura is the main front end developer for major features for the Blue Odin Platform. She works to fine tuning the UI and every aspect of the user experience.

Daria Sukhanova

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