Blue Odin imports your WooCommerce customer data.

To view all the people who ordered from your store, go to Metrics > Customers.

This is what the CUSTOMERS section looks like:

customers section in blue odin

Here’s what the columns in the screenshot above mean:


The first and last name of the customer, e.g. John Doe. If they have an account at your store, their username will appear below their names, e.g. john.doe. If they purchased as a guest, no username will appear.

Here’s an example:

customer name


The date when the customer last visited your store.


The date when the customer signed up for their account (this is blank if the customer is just a guest and not registered)


Customer’s email address.


The total number of orders made in your store.


Total amount spent on all purchases.


The average order value or average amount spent per order.


The shipping address used by the customer.

What can you do in the Blue Odin Customers section?

First, make sure you’re looking at the right store.

You can select the store in the store selector dropdown.

store selector

Then, you can check out all of your store’s customers! 

search customers or sort them

You can SORT customers by:

  • Name
  • Last active date
  • Sign up date
  • Email address
  • Number of orders
  • Total spend
  • Address 

You can SEARCH customers by:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Address

You can click on the Customer Name to view the full customer details.

Here’s an example:

show customer details

You can even send an email to your customer.

Just click on their Email Address: 

send email to customer

You can check or update your email settings by going to Profile > Sites.

Click the pencil icon to edit the Site settings.

In the General tab, you can update both your website details and default email settings for your website.