Blue Odin imports your WooCommerce product data.

To view all of your products, go to Metrics > Products.

This is what the PRODUCTS section looks like:

Here’s what the columns in the screenshot above mean:


The name of your product.


Stock keeping unit to track your store’s inventory.


How much the product costs to produce.


How much your product is currently selling for.


The product’s current status.


How many stocks are left in inventory.


You can edit the product’s visibility, basic details, or delete it from Blue Odin.

What can you do in the Blue Odin Products section?

First, make sure you’re looking at the right store.

You can select the store in the dropdown menu.

store selector in blue odin

You can SEARCH products by:

  • Product name
  • SKU

You can also EDIT the product:

To EDIT a product, click on the pencil icon in the Actions column. 

edit your woocommerce product in blue odin

This is the Edit Product page where you can:

  • edit the product name, and
  • change the default product image
edit product page in blue odin

Click Submit to save all your changes, Reset to undo your changes, and Cancel to go back to the previous page.