What’s New on Blue Odin?

We’ve done a lot of work on Blue Odin over the past year.

This isn’t the final version yet (we’re still in beta), but the app is fully functional in its current form. Please stay tuned as we will be updating this page with every major feature release.

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May 2022

Time’s flying by so fast, but the team hasn’t stopped working at all! We’ve got plenty of updates for you this time around:

1st August

  • Updated the Blue Odin WordPress Plugin to support specifying cost of goods. If your products have this set, we can display profit values.
  • Switch to fetching orders, products and customer data once a day rather than hourly, as webhooks should be used to push updates to Blue Odin.
  • Billing plan information should now reflect any coupons applied to your account.

18th July

  • The Blue Odin WordPress Plugin is now live on wordpress.org. The plugin supports detecting where traffic came from using UTM tags and abandoned carts.
  • We’ve improved the process for disabling your account. You can find an option in the account settings.
  • We’ve enabled webhooks, which means that WooCommerce will automatically push changes into Blue Odin as and when they happen rather than us regularly polling for changes

6th July

  • We’ve improved the number and types of placeholders you can add to emails, including a table of orders.
  • Fixed a minor cosmetic issue with the billing plan page on small displays.
  • Fixed a bug to correctly forward clicks for an email that had the sequence deleted
  • Products can now be assigned to multiple email sequences

24th May

  • Fixed a bug where no dashboards could be edited.
  • It’s now more obvious when widgets have configuration options that can be edited.
  • Additional backend work.

17th May

  • Fixed duplicate open rate widget on Email dashboard. It’s now unsubscribed rate.
  • Default dashboards can no longer be edited.
  • The email sequence table widget now has pagination.
  • We’ve fixed a bug with widgets not indicating that a failure to load data happened.
  • Additional backend work to improve performance.

10th May

  • The biggest new feature is a new email performance dashboard. New widgets include the ability to see how many emails are sent, bounced, unsubscribed, opened, clicked, and converted. See which sequences are performing the best. (For conversion tracking, you’ll need either the Blue Odin or AFL WooCommerce UTM Tracker WordPress plugin)
  • You can now export CSV versions of the orders and customers. They’ll match the current filters you have for the orders page.
  • A new All Sites At A Glance widget. You can add the new widget to see the sales performance of all sites at once. This widget is not affected by the site filter.
  • You’ll now be warned if navigating away from the dashboard if you’re in the middle of editing the dashboard, so no more lost changes.
  • Multiple widgets will now work with all sites selected.
  • Table widgets can now be configured to use one, two, or three columns, allowing for more flexible layouts.
  • Multiple minor style changes to various widgets to make them work better on smaller screens.
  • Many behind the scenes work to improve performance and keep your data secure.

February 2022

Happy new year guys! The team’s been very busy these past few weeks working on various improvements and bug fixes:

  • Improvement: Made the Help and Forum links more prominent, moving them into the main menu and duplicating links in the top right. Help pages are now context relevant where available.
  • Improvement: You are now asked for confirmation before deleting a site, so you don’t accidentally delete them.
  • Improvement: The individual customer page has had a facelift, and now includes a list of the emails they’ve been sent.
  • Improvement: You can now delete custom dashboards. The default dashboard can not be deleted.
  • Bug Fix: We fixed a bug with the heights of widgets on the dashboard so they behave more sensibly when being moved around.
  • Bug Fix: We fixed a bug with logging in not immediately taking you to the default dashboard. You should no longer be presented with a grey screen on log in.
  • Bug Fix: We fixed a bug with manually linking your WooCommerce store during onboarding. You should no longer be redirected back to the first step. We have also made minor cosmetic improvements to the onboarding process so you know where you are in the process.
  • Bug Fix: Finally, we fixed a bug with widgets if the date period was a day long. This should mean that you see data on the first day of the week or month. Graphs now show hourly values for that day rather than a single daily figure.

November 2021

The Blue Odin dev team deserves all the credit for their hard work.

14 months after the project started, they have ticked off a lot of boxes on the roadmap.

They continue to polish and improve the main features whilst working on adding new ones as well.

Here are their most notable achievements for this month!

  • Customizable dashboards – users can now add, remove, and reorder widgets
  • Ability to add additional dashboards by cloning an existing dashboard
  • Improved Menu UX
  • New widgets:
    • Header widget to break up sections
    • Order event list
    • UTM Source revenue widget

August 2021

Blue Odin’s been a work-in-progress for almost a year.

The team’s been gearing up for the upcoming soft launch in a few weeks. And we’re all very excited to welcome and onboard WooCommerce store owners to Blue Odin!

Here’s the progress done so far this month:

16th August

  • Display previews for an order
  • Show orders for an email sequence
  • Set the sending email address
  • Campaign editor updates

10th August

  • Email preview
  • Placeholders in email subject lines
  • Search bars
  • Set the name for sending address

July 2021

Hmmm… so the team’s been super busy with other things.

But we’ve picked up right where we left off in December.

Here’s what’s been done so far this month:

  • Assign products
  • Add scroll

December 2020

The team’s been on a roll for a few months now.

Before the year ended, our hardworking devs reported the following accomplishments!

  • Dashboard – Global View added 
  • Refunds improvements
  • Added time ranges to the Date Range Selector
  • Chart improvements – 1 hour breakdown

Happy new year!

November 2020

Month #3 since Blue Odin’s inception.

The whole team’s been hard at work, trying to add as many of the features outlined in the product roadmap as they can.

Countless pots of coffee and tea and brainstorming sessions later, they proudly reported the following update:

25th November

  • Order Page updates – Order Status
  • Improved page layout
  • Refunds data
  • Sales by Day page updates

17th November

  • Sales By Day page
  • Added Currency to WooCommerce store
  • Added Date Range Selector
  • Integrated Google Analytics

10th November

  • Update Main Menu
  • Added Testing & Admin interface

3rd November

  • Product Page – Product list
  • Dashboard – Added Cost of Goods metric
  • Dashboard – Added Profit calculation
  • Order data import

October 2020

Month #2 of Blue Odin’s existence.

The dev team continues to bring our founders’ vision to life.

In addition to adding and setting up the first WooCommerce store, they also worked on these key sections of the Dashboard:

  • Dashboard – added Sales metric
  • Dashboard – Added Orders metric

10th September 2020 – Project Started!

This is Blue Odin’s ground zero!

For this month, we’ve laid the foundation and groundwork for Blue Odin’s future success.

From 10th September until the end of the month, the dev team worked on:

  • Setting up the Staging Environment
  • Setting up the Development Environment

They also added:

  • Basic login and Sign Up form
  • Password recovery / forgot password mechanism