Send one-off emails to your customers using Blue Odin Campaigns.

It’s perfect for letting them know about:

  • your latest product,
  • an upcoming sale, or
  • just to say “Hi!” to them every once in a while.

Important Note:

You must authorize Blue Odin to send emails on your organization’s behalf.

Here’s our guide on how to add Blue Odin to your domain’s TXT SPF record.

How to create Blue Odin Campaigns?

1. To add a new email campaign, go to Email > Campaigns List.

2. Select the WooCommerce Site in the site selector and click on the Add New button.

blue odin campaigns page

3. This is the Email Campaign settings page:

email campaigns settings

You can edit the following settings:

Campaign name

Give your campaign a name (be as descriptive and specific as possible).


Select the Customer Segment you’d like to use for the campaign.

Note: If you haven’t created a Customer Segment yet, check out this guide on How To Add Customer Segments in Blue Odin.


Select the date when you’d like the campaign sent out.


Select a specific time of day to send out the campaign.

select date and time to send out your email campaign

Email layout

Choose between Standard or Plain. 


Type your email subject line here (you can also use placeholders).

Body of the email

Your email’s main message (you can format the text and add placeholders, too).

Click on Save to save your changes.

What are the email placeholders available in Blue Odin?

email placeholders

You can choose from 6 different placeholders:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Order Number
  • Email Address
  • Order Date
  • Coupon

The value for the first 5 placeholders is predefined in WooCommerce. 

For the Coupon placeholder, however, you will have to specify the % discount to apply.

Here’s what it looks like:

how to use coupon placeholder in blue odin