This is the ultimate guide to email marketing,
especially for eCommerce.

If you want to:

– Build a list of buyers
– Write great emails
– Improve your conversion rate
– Sell more products to new and existing customers

Then you’ll love this guide.

Let’s get started…


Intro Page

Start From Here - Introduction To Email Marketing.

Chapter 1

The Basics of Email Marketing - How Best To Use It

Chapter 2

10 Ways Emails Can Grow Your Store - Insider Tips

Chapter 3

Building A Huge Buyer List - And The Tools You Need

Chapter 4

Segmenting Your Buyer Lists - Right Message, Right Time

Chapter 5

Great Email Examples - Build A Relationship With Your Clients

Chapter 6

Writing Amazing Emails - How To Use Copywriting To Convert

Chapter 7

Email Marketing Best Practices - Fine Tune Your Email ROI

Bonus Chapter

Best eCommerce Email Tool - Introduction To Blue Odin